Back And Better!

Hello everyone. I feel so bad that I’ve not been here to attend to my baby-blog for a while. I sound like a bad mother, abi? Like who does that? Have a baby (start a blog) and not be around to nurture it and watch it grow. In my own defense, I’d say that life happened but that’s not a good way to go about it, so I’ll just be humble enough to apologise to my baby (blog) for abandoning her and to her few friends (readers), for making their friend malnourished and causing them an eyesore in the process. I am so sorry; y’all gotta learn to forgive, yea? Lol.

“God works in mysterious ways” – it is a phrase that most Christians are familiar with and I bet we have used it more times than we can count but the truth is, there are quite a few like me who never truly understood it. I know this for a fact now; outside of the cliché that God works in ways that we will never understand and trust me when I say it is for our own good in the end. In the past couple of months I have started taking giant strides in my Christian walk a lot more than in all my years of being a Christian and I’m not there yet, it is a journey till the end. I now understand Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28 more than I did before. Isn’t it beautiful to learn how God takes all our life’s experiences; the good, the bad, the ugly, the tears, the laughs, etc and mixes them together in a special recipe for our own good? I have learned never to waste any experience however painful, yes it could have been a result of my mistakes but guess who never makes a mistake? He wants to use even my mistake for His glory. Awesome!

Before you all start wondering, “why is she coming all holy on us today?” I want to let you know that’s not what this is about, far from it. I have come back to share a story and before I go on to tell the story, I thought to first share some new truths about a loving Father that I never understood until now. My story will be published in my next post.

Thank you for forgiving me. I hope that I am back for good now, no more disappearing acts. I hope to nurture this baby into a beautiful and healthy adult, as I trust you all to help me on this journey through constructive criticisms and general feedback. God bless you all. xoxo

Yours truly

Lawyer, talker, gistaranta!

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