From Temple Run to Temples…

Back in the days when I loved playing Temple run (back like 2011/2012 kinda back), I will play it for hours and not get tired. With me hitting a high score of 52 million; and I know it’s them witchy friends that I have that have refused to allow me score higher and be great. Till today, my wallpaper on my iPhone is the temple run picture (badass babe)! Well, somewhere along the line I got tired of temple run as well as many things. I became bored or more like boring and somehow I have chosen to blame it on the period of my temple run addiction. Who said prayers don’t get answered? Meet my complaining friends to teach you how to pray.

Fast forward, yesterday I was bored out of my head at work and that’s when I remembered my old love – Mr. Temple Run! So I took my iPhone, ignored my 48% battery life knowing well that I left my charger at home, and reignited my romance with my ex lover as I struggled to climax to that point when you hear the victory sound that lets you know you have hit high score again, all these to no avail.

As I thought of Temple Run, High Scores, old love, climax, etc I remembered an incident from my days in Secondary School. Before I go ahead to tell my story, share this testimony with me – EDUCATION IS POWER. Not just academics, overall education is a blessing. Back in the days, we had fewer distractions than is the case today, so most of what we did was study… Well, that was the case with ‘my goons’ (it’s a faceless blog, I guess I’m allowed to use ‘goons’ here) and me sha. I can say that my vocabulary then was a lot better than it is today. I read everything readable; from those ‘yeye’ romance books to actual literature and when there was nothing else to read, we still had our textbooks. The good thing about reading is that you get to discover new words in the process, and this allows you expand your vocabulary; some words you have to look up in the dictionary, some you just know from the context it was used in the story and I guess this was the omission of this particular friend of mine. I was usually the story teller; the one that will read a book, gist about it, analyse the characters like they were personal friends, then go on to criticize the story, the plot, the characters, writer, etc. Unlike other young girls that got shy especially when they were retelling all them M&B stories, I didn’t care that much I’ll just get out with my gists to everyone else’ surprise even if our seniors were there.

On this day, I was busy gisting about some silhouette book I had read when I spoke about how the handsome character wiped his temple and there was this girl in the gathering, she could not help it, she yelled, “nawa for you o, the way you say these things sef”. To say that I was not confused that day, “on top temple matter ke?” And she was like, “yes now, it’s a bad thing o”. I had to ask, “Biko, what is temple o?” She went on to explain that she wasn’t quite sure but she had an idea because the guys in all these romance novels seemed to be wiping their ‘temples’ most of the time. Hahaha. In view of her point, it was okay to conclude that temple was you know, that ‘thing’ that guys have. True though, I noticed too that the guys in all these sort of books were always wiping temple before/during/after the act, but I knew what temple was so I didn’t ever think it in that direction.

Playing Temple run today and remembering my ‘temple’ incident from long ago got me thinking, why were all them hot guys from our romance novels wiping temples every now and then? Could it have been a deliberate plot to mislead us to think that temple means something different? Is there any relationship between actual temple and that ‘thing’ temple? And plenty more questions that I really want to ask, but I’ll just wipe my temple and pass, seeing that I am already sweating from the thought of it alone.

To this day, I still laugh out loud whenever I remember that incident. Although in the end, I really cannot say that I know a lot about Temple or Temples (a girl can only wonder), but Temple run? Now that was my own thing! xoxo

Yours truly

Lawyer, talker, gistaranta!

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2 Responses to From Temple Run to Temples…

  1. Nola says:

    Clap, clap, clap. Good thing you don’t think too hard about your titles, it adds flavor to the write up in a way I can’t explain. I’m also an ex temple run addict and boy did I read those M&B books back in the the days? Let’s sing ‘halleluyah’ together for breaking through. I can totally relate to this post, and just cos you asked, there is no relationship between temple, ‘temples’ or temple run :p. Finally, you are a story teller, pls come out of this faceless blog thing pls.


  2. Lanre says:

    Temple run addict right here. I am still laughing at the M&b and ‘temples’ gist. M&b be misleading teenagers since 1800, haha wehdone!


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