Ready, Set… Action!

Like many firsts – first day at school, work, a club, group, etc. writing your first blog post is not supposed to be easy; it doesn’t get easier with procrastination either; and this is because in the end, procrastination is just delay. NOTE: delay has no role whatsoever in simplifying things… Well, not in this case (trust me, you have heard this from the procrastination boss herself).

Meanwhile, I think it is weird that I should find this hard though, on a good day, I will jump at any opportunity to pick my pen up or endlessly romance my MacBook keyboard, stringing words together. Today, I’m like a fish out of water as I sit here, laughing and saying to myself, “it’s not that bad jor, just start!”

Please forgive my manners; let me start by welcoming you all to my not-so-anonymous blog. You all are very welcome; please feel free to bring your friends and family next time! After my many confessions I’m sure you already know that this is not easy, but I’m positive that it will get easier over time; especially with your constructive criticisms, encouragement, friendship, ‘gbagaun-detecting’ (lol), etc.

Before I proceed to give you gist on how it all started, I must remember to blame myself for lying sha… no genuine regrets though. However, this is my story – I have this friend that is always on my neck about anything and everything; if it’s not, “when are you starting your blog?” then it is, “when are you going to start working out?” or “are you still fighting with him? Hmmmn, you don’t want to marry, abi?” when it is a good day, then she is talking about detox, fruits or just jesting. I am not sure how I have coped with her all these years, but I am certain that if I have not died from her rants all these while, then I am a survivor, she can’t kill me again. Lol… Back to my story, she woke up on ‘that’ side of the bed again and called me last night and the next thing, she asked if I had finally started my blog. The first silly reply that popped into my head was a lie – I said, “yes, funny enough I’m working on it at the moment”. The long ‘yaayyyyy’ she gave me afterwards, I just knew that I had to get to it ASAP.

My dear people, that is how I got here – shuffling feet, tapping fingers on the table and praying that I get it right the first time. Yay or Nay to that, we did make progress or at least, we started… I will make that a yayyyyy! xoxo

Yours truly,

Lawyer, talker, gistaranta!  

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4 Responses to Ready, Set… Action!

  1. Anonymous says:

    First post fever… Haha! Nice write up, keep it up.


  2. florish says:

    I hate to say…I told you. I told you anything is possible if you start. Nice one.


  3. gistaranta says:

    Awwwww… Please go ahead and say it… Thanks darling!


  4. Lanre says:

    Starting has never been easy, same goes for the anxiety of not starting. U started anyway, wise decision. But don’t be taking too long 2 giv new posts oh


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